Isn’t Michael Nazir-Ali missing the point?

Michael Nazir Ali in his opinion piece opposed to the UK Equality Bill made this somewhat bizarre statement:

The Bishop went on to say the Equality Bill must make room for Christian beliefs, if Christians and others “are not to be forced to say that they must obey God rather than Caesar”.

Is it just me, or has he missed the point entirely?  For me the point of the Gospel is that Christ is Lord, and not Caesar, and that we should be glad to declare this!  Maybe it is because of who the head of Nazir-Ali’s church is that he seems unwilling to rock the boat here.  When the church and "Caesar" are so intertwined, the revolutionary message of Christ is always going to end up a little muffled.

What the opposition against the UK Equality Bill really tells me is that there is a huge block of the christian population of this country who are just too comfortable with their own position, which they are frightened will be disturbed.  Nobody ever said it was going to be easy: in fact Christ said exactly the opposite.

My advice would be for people to continue to follow their conscience, and just see where they end up.  There are going to be legal challenges, for sure, but that certainly won’t be the last battle…

(Oh, and I support the Equality Bill, by the way)