Thoughts on agreements made “pre” the “nuptial” agreements

Well, the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom (i.e. the House of Lords) have made a landmark ruling that a pre-nuptial agreement should be legally binding (in a particular case). Not entirely clear what ratio decidendi this judgement has, but the statement on the BBC website does say that the Court decided that “in the right case” prenuptial agreements were applicable in the law.

Two thoughts:

– Isn’t the agreement that should be legally binding the one that says “I take thee X to be my husband/wife…until we are parted by death”, and the words said when giving the ring “all that I have, I give to you”?

– The husband in this case is going to be given a reduced payment of only £1m (rather than £5m). He has said that this smaller settlement would leave him in financial ruin. Er? 1m? Financial ruin? I’m not quite sure what planet this guy lives on, but £1m used to be a lot of money!

(Or am I just being (a) hopelessly old fashioned, (b) out of touch, or (c) all of the above?)


I found some brilliant groundrules for discussion on the wonderful church planting blog i follow.   They were devised by the blogger and colleagues in a planning session, but are really applicable to any meeting in a church context.  They are:

Seek first to understand and then to be understood.

Fruits of the Spirit trump everything else.

Playful curiosity wins first prize.

Periodic silence is golden.

Test inferences.


I think they’re pretty spot on.  I wonder if our diaconate would accept them as guidelines for all future church (and deacons?) meetings.  Or perhaps now might not be the best time…